The time of the things that go bump in the night were long gone. Folk lore and stories made to scare little children into going to bed near forgotten. Near the Twin peaks, fog was not a mystery, going to long without was unheard of. Then the Mists came. They sealed off the town with less then half a days travel before the wall blocks your path. Those that dared venture in returned bewildered after wandering around for days, of course those that returned at all. Town-life, however, continued much the same it always did. The farms continued to provided all that was necessary, game was as abundant as ever and even the town’s natural gas pipeline continues to flow.

Fifteen years have passed since the Mists have arrived, what will the new year bring?

The game is going to be set more in a parallel “universe.” Time frame roughly resembling the early 1900s in the United States. Set in the end of the road town of Williamstown which is nestled in between the foothills of the Twin Peak mountains and Williams Lake.

Within the Mists